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Tree pruning Sacramento

Certified Arborists and trained professionals in the field of arboriculture understand how each tree species will react to different types of treatments. The reasons for tree pruning may include, but are not limited to, reducing risk, managing tree health, structure improvement/correction, improving aesthetics, clearance from buildings or walkways, or achieving other specific objectives.  Most regular maintenance pruning can be done at anytime of the year.

Crown cleaning: is the removal of mistletoe, dead wood, diseased, rubbing, interfering and /or broken branches. This will reduce the risk of branches falling from the tree and reduce the spread of decay, insects, and diseases from dead or dying branches into the rest of the tree.

Weight Reduction Pruning: is the selective removal of branches and stems to reduce height and/or spread of the tree. This is typically done to achieve clearance from utility lines or buildings.

Thinning Pruning: is selective pruning to reduce density of live branches. This pruning is done to allow the wind to pass through the canopy of the tree more easily and to improve appearance of the tree.

Structural Development Pruning: is selective tree pruning to improve tree and branch architecture primarily on young and medium aged trees. This pruning is done to help young or medium trees to establish good branch structure.

Restoration Pruning: is selective pruning to redevelop structure, form, and appearance of severely pruned, vandalized or damaged trees. This tree pruning would be done when a tree has been topped or had branches that were removed improperly.

Elevation Pruning: is the selective removal of branches from the lower portion of the canopy to provide vertical clearance. This is done to provide clearance for buildings, signs, vehicles, pedestrians and vistas.

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Tree Pruning Sacramento

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